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Segeberg School Chairs and Tables for Ayirebi

It is the early afternoon of the 4th of April. A truck and a van arrive at the estate of the Schmalfeld elementary school. Chairs and tables of four classes shall be removed. Their destination: The Elim Academy in Ayirebi, Ghana,...[more]

2017 - A Busy Year!

Three containers with relief goods plus one ambulance were finally sent in the beginning of December 2017 and arrived shortly before new years eve. They contained some bicyclettes for the Elim Academy, but mainly hospital beds...[more]

New School Building Progresses

Teaching still takes place in the old wooden structures, where 1997 the CHA kindergarten had started. But for several years a stone building is under construction. One day the work stopped because of low budget. With a big...[more]

An Ambulance for Ayirebi

Visits to churches, companies and business men, to public institutions, banks, private people - no way was too far to Pastor Alfred to raise funds for an ambulance for the CHA medical center at Ayirebi. The firebrigade of Hamburg...[more]

New Flyer Introduces the Ghana Project

With a new flyer Pastor Alfred works intensively on the search for new sponsors. For much more financial means are needed. For this year's relief goods delivery to Ghana, the Elbe-Klinikum Buxtehude has donated 20 hospital...[more]

Review on 2015: 5 Containers, 2 School Buses and the Start of Computer Lessons

2015 was another exciting year for our Ghana project, especially for our project manager Pastor Alfred Osei-Poku, who often worked at the limit of his strength. We achieved a lot. In 1998, one year after the association had...[more]

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